PROPS is a newly emerged artist into hip hop's fresh wave of style, creativity and lyricism.  An Indianapolis, IN native, PROPS is surely one of hip hop’s most promising artists of this era. Currently residing in Seattle, WA, this gifted songwriter has been quietly mastering his craft and laying the frame work to uplift, inform, and introduce new perspective on the ups and downs of everyday life.  Functioning as co-owner and the first artist on his label, The Planet of MARz, PROPS is about as ambitious as they come. Living in cities such as Indianapolis, Atlanta, Miami, and Seattle has groomed this young artist to be very well rounded, open minded, and culturally diverse; proven to be a good listen for audiences of all backgrounds.

In an industry thirsty for talented original artists, PROPS definitely holds his own when it comes to individuality.   While moving towards his original goal of being a visual artist, he unearthed what has seemed to be a hidden talent for verbal expression.  Growing up as the son of a musician, he developed a love for music from all genres.  Music and art have been pertinent contributing factors in the development of PROPS, both personally and artistically.  

The Planet of MARz's ideology is based on the balancing of Money (material wealth) And RicheZ (nonmaterial wealth) which is imperative to the success and progress of an individual's goals. We are the sons and daughters of the generation of change!  PROPS and The Planet of MARz is a representation of change in the form of growth, development and accountability for one’s own actions. 

PROPS released his first mix-tape, To MARz, in 2010 stating, “This mix-tape is only the beginning....we are set to earn our place in the game by filling a creative void and shining light on a more broad range of subject matters."